First I’d like to say that John Warren from A-List Associates did not find me a job.With that being said, the dedication and care that he showed by far surpassed all the other agencies I went to. He is extremely personable and we sat and talked for over an hour. He sent me on an interview for a position which I did not get but that had mostly to do with my lack of experience rather than me failing the interview. He explained to me why I wasn’t hired. Most of the other places I went to did nothing but give me empty promises. They made me feel like I had a chance at an interview but when it came time to actually back up their promises they were nowhere to be found. But John actually helped. He actually did something and though it wasn’t successful, the way in which he did it showed his professionalism and care and perhaps if you have more experience in the field in which you are looking (since I was actually changing careers) then maybe he can help you land a job. But either way, he was very kind throughout the whole process.

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