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What we do & how we do it

A-List Associates, Inc. caters to a specialized group of global and national companies that are leaders in their respected fields, such as private equity, hedge funds, investment banking as well as top technology, advertising, pharmaceutical and management consulting, real estate and other prominent industries. A-list Associates is the highest quality staffing agency New York City has to offer. If you are in need of an executive assistant we have the answer.

A-List Associates, Inc. has the capability to thoroughly screen all applicants in person and provide our clients with the best match. We have the ability to test each individual on all of their skill sets. We also check all references upon request. You will have the option to use our exquisite offices at A-List Associates, Inc. to interview candidates, if the need arises, in two of our modern teleconferencing rooms.

A-List Associates, Inc.
Where Passion and Vision for excellence is the core of our business.

It is the goal at A-List Associates, Inc. to consistently upgrade our level of service as we strive to exceed our client’s level of expectation.

The following is a statement by one of our top executive assistants placed by A-List Associates, Inc.:

A-List Associates, Inc. is all about excellence. They develop relationships with those who strive for excellence, and work with companies that only focus on the same. A-List Associates, Inc. commits to finding the right chemistry for their clients and making matches that last. They themselves strive for excellence and reach it each time, because they are passionate about their work and genuinely care about their people. You won’t find a better company to work with. Period.”